Primary 1 have been finding out where their food comes from.

The children  have been very busy:

  • looking at videos and books about growing vegetables
  • planting vegetables in the school garden
  • making cream of vegetable soup
  • looking at the story of milk
  • making butter to put on the bread we had with our soup


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Life in the Past

Primary 1 looked at the story of Cinderella.  We noticed that Cinderella’s kitchen had old items in it. We looked at some old items, we compared them to items we use today and talked about what life must have been like in the past before houses had electricity.

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Sinking and Floating

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Primary 1 have been carrying out experiments on sinking and floating in class.  The children made boats out of plasticene.  It was quite a challenge to make them float and the children had to keep redesigning them. They worked with primary 2 and made boats out of tin foil and junk materials.